HeartSafe Community

Left to Right: Julia Stoner, Ty Alberti, Jill Bauer, Robert Simmons, Theresa Hersh, Rachael Jones

1st Selectman Robert Simmons presented Stonington Ambulance the certificate for a HeartSafe Community for the 2nd time. EMT Jill Bauer gathered the info from various agencies in town to be able to apply again for a three year designation which was granted. A HeartSafe Community means that a percentage of community members are trained in CPR and have AED’s throughout the town at different businesses. We are very proud to get the Town of Stonington this designation. All of our CPR Instructors are volunteers and help teach this life saving skill. Many other public safety agencies also offer CPR/First Aid Classes. Call your local first responders or contact us and we will point you in the right direction.